Restaurant McLuna’s

To the south, past Tanji en Tujering, you come to Sanyang. Here, just before the junction, on your left side you will find a small restaurant, MacLuna’s. Recognizable by the red and yellow stripes outside en inside the restaurant. Here you can get some local ‘fast food’ and a cold drink.
Examples of ’fast food’ are: Meatpie, Ebbe, Tapalapa Egg/omelet  Njebbe etc. Also the very nice Boababjuice and Wonjo drinks you can get here.

Instead of fast food you can also enjoy a very fine meal. Beer is really fresh and so are all fresh drinks. With nice music in the background it is really an enjoyable place.

MacLuna’s is a nice place to get together and meet Europeans and Gambians. You can sit inside or outside and relax without any disturbance.

If you come for some fast food, a proper meal or just for a chat; you are always welcome!