These people were here before you. Get your name on this wall and come to The Gambia!

Finish @ Bart’s Bar

On the road from Banjul to the south there is: “the FINISH”.
A small but cosy and joyful little bar with really COLD BEER.
Funny how the bar got it’s name. Drivers from the Amsterdam - Dakar Challenge drive cars from Europe to Banjul to be sold, the money from these cars will be used for several projects in The Gambia.
However, after the adventure and the long drive everything came to a very sudden stop: there was not really a finish, not a great end. That’s when Bart decided to call his bar the “FINISH”. A finish where everybody who can prove he/she drove the car all the way to The Gambia will get the first beer for free. Furthermore, everybody will be given the opportunity to leave something behind on our Wall of Fame, maybe even a simple namesign. We will take a photograph of that and put it on this page as proof you were really here.
If it gets too late at the Bar there is a possibility to stay overnight in a cottage at the Gambian Paradise Club or in your own tent at the compound. Ofcourse it is possible to get a good meal at the bar in the evening.

Take a look at our “Wall of Fame”

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