Gambia (officially: Republic of The Gambia) lies on the extreme West point of Africa to the Atlantic ocean. Gambia is with a surface of 11,295 Km2 the smallest country on the African continent. From East to West Gambia measures approximately 320 km. From north to south the width varies from 20 up to 50 km. Gambia is included on three sides by Senegal. The landscape is slightly sloping with some hills. The highest point amounts to approximately 53 meters, and Gambia is with that still flatter than the Netherlands. Straight through the country runs the good navigable river The Gambia. Through the Gambia-river passes through the complete year water. Along the coast lie a lot of sand banks . The delta of the Gambia-river is rather swampy. The north of Gambia has a park country savanna landscape with long grasses, large shrubs and some trees. South of the Gambia-river starts forestsavanna, grass country with groups of trees.

To give you an idea of what to expect here some pictures of the progress of my place:

Well, we had to start somewhere.
This seemed a good place.

After removing some trees and bushes we could start work on the fence.

And finally, here the foundation of the first cottage. A first milestone.

This is Abou, our house monkey and mascot. Saved from the dead, he had a wound 7 x 2 cm with 60 maggots in it.
After intensive nurture he refused to leave and now runs free on my territory.

Every constructionplace needs an overseer, in this case, me.

Making good progress finishing the roofs. As you can see on the next photo’s too.

Seen from the inside.

And now fully closed. Nice job.

And this is what they all are gonna look like.
Lovely, cosy cottages in a wonderful environment.

The distance between the cottages provides more than enough privacy.

But let’s not forget the inside.
Because of our own power-supply and bore-hole all cabins have constant electricity, running water and a 80 liter boiler to provide enough hot water.

Viewing from inside out.

Bedroom with mosquito-netting.

Interior with picture from shower.



The entrance.

We had to have a swimmingpool, so here is the start.

Swimmingpool complete and ready for use.

Buba with snake round his neck at the reptile-farm.

This air-photo shows how close we are to the sea.

This gate will become our main entrance.

As you can see, a lot of work has been done already. We never get bored trying to give you a great holiday feeling.

For more info, please contact us.


And a place to relax.

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